Quilter’s Corner

  • Bare Home donates remnants to Comfort Quilts

    Bare Home, a company in Forest Lake that specializes in bedding that is free from toxic chemicals, has been donating the remnants of bedding after quality control has removed six-inch circles for testing.

    We utilize the remnants!

    Pin the back (flannel or fleece from Bare Home), batting, and a top to a rack.

    Run yarn through all three layers.

    Tie knots.

    Sew around the edge.

    1 Day’s worth of tied Quilts.

    22 quilts and 10 comforters ready to box to send to Ukraine. Other quilts are donated to the Refuge, Bridging, Homeless Shelters, and some are used for silent auctions and raffles. The comforters are Bare Home remnants that we have cut down and bound the edges.

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  • Comfort Quilts Delivers

    Comfort Quilts delivered 22 boxes of warmth to Isanti to be sent to Ukraine. There were 18 boxes of quilts, comforters, blankets (total 74) and 4 boxes of ski jackets (38) donated by Wild Mountain. They were shipped out on April 24.

    The comforters and blankets came from Bare Home. We just had to cut off the side with the quality control test hole and bind or hem. Most of the quilts had backings made from flannel or fleece from sheets donated by Bare Home. All the quilts were tied and bound by Comfort Quilt members. Thanks to everyone for their help in supporting those in need.

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  • Dad Joke of the Month

    What did the farmer call the cow that would not give him any milk?

    An udder failure

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  • Dad Joke of the Month(04/2024)

    What do cats use to take notes in meetings?

    A Scratch pad

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